un lugar de ensueño, colmado de imagenes sorprendentes para el ojo humano y no tanto .
Background Illustrations provided by: http://edison.rutgers.edu/
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I’m Daria Hlazatova. I live in Ukraine and have a particular passion for drawing and making handmade collages. I live in a hilly city near Carpathian mountains, but the view from my window is rather dull.
As a child I dreamt to become an oceanologist, but I have only one marine diver and a dozen of artists in my family so my art genes won over.
I find inspiration in travelling, music, fairy-tales, theatre and animals. So my art is mostly about all these things put together with a wee bit of nonsense.
My drawings and collages have been a part of several exhibitions, art projects and magazines in the USA, the UK, Spain and Ukraine.Hlazatova’s surreal machinations span imagination from queens and kings to pop culture references. She has built her own visual language and landscape for her visions to be set in space, rivers and the mountains. Her work can be found on Society 6 and Prisma Collective Txt